The Top 11 Ways That Butt Enhancement Pills Can Help You Find Love

Butt Enhancement Pills

Thinking about taking butt enhancement pills? If you are a single women, then there may be more reasons than ever to start taking some all-natural pills to help you get the firmer and bigger booty that you want. Flat butts are out and big butts are not only accepted, but desired. So, are you looking for love? Following are 11 ways that butt enhancement pills can help you find love.Finding-Love

1. A Bigger Butt Gives The Illusion Of A Smaller Waist

The truth is that men prefer a curvy body, and part of a curvy body is having a smaller waist. Many guys will tell you that it is all about the hip to waist ratio. So, by women and men alike, it has been established that the hourglass figure is the most attractive figure to have, but some women just can’t get their waist down, no matter what they do. If that sounds like you, then you can give the illusion of a tiny waist by enhancing your butt.

2. Guys Like A Bigger Butt On A Woman Because It Is Feminine

Guys will openly admit that they don’t want to cuddle up to a butt full of bones or flab. A full, firm, and round buttocks doesn’t just look good, it feels good too. When cuddling, there is a lot more to fill in the space around a guy’s pelvic area, and that is a quick way to turn any guy on. Moreover, when you are making love, there is a lot more to grab onto and play with.

The bottom line is that a bigger bum makes your body feel more feminine with or without clothes on, and with or without the lights on. Because guys naturally have a more angular body, they appreciate the curves on a female body.

Another reason? Guys naturally want to reach out and touch a feminine body.

3. Your Confidence Will Naturally Draw Guys In

Your body language is either repelling or attracting men. There are a lot of theories about just how much verbal and nonverbal communication counts, but everyone agrees that nonverbal communication is more important. How you move, hold yourself, look at guys, and even walk, tells a guy how confident you are about yourself.Cartoon man looking at walking girl

When you have a body that you are happy with, that confidence will spring out in every step you take and every move you make. It is just the way it is. Guys will naturally gravitate towards you because of your high level of confidence. They will think, “If she thinks she is so great, then she is probably that great!” And, what guy wouldn’t want to be with a great girl?

4. You Will Not Regret Spending Money Or Getting Surgery

Butt enlargement pills can leave you with fewer regrets than if you were to get enhancement surgery done. You are guaranteed not to have botched results or have to come back to get more work done for the results you wanted but didn’t get. Moreover, you don’t have to pay the thousands of dollars for a butt that may not make you happy once you see it.

What does no regrets have to do with finding love? When you are living in the past, regretting what you have done, you are living in a very negative and frustrating state. You may talk about how regretful you are, or you may show your regret through your body language. Either way, you will not be appealing to a guy who is looking for a woman who is happy and present in her life.

5. You Will Be Supporting Overall Health

Most butt enhancement pills on the market have more than just estrogen-boosting ingredients. There are often ingredients that promote good health in the way of circulation, hormones, and body processes. Why are these ingredients there? Because in order for the butt enhancing ingredients to work right, you need to ensure the rest of your body is not hindering their effects with anything but maximum functioning.

A healthy woman is an attractive woman. Men are naturally drawn to women with a zest for life and a healthy looking body and attitude.

6. Your Confidence Will Help You Go After What You Want

Your confidence will naturally draw guys to you, but it will also allow you to go after the guys you want who, for whatever reason, may not have noticed you yet. When you know that your butt is awesome, you are more willing to walk up to a guy and position yourself in a way that catches his eye.

It is true that a lot of men like women who are not that easy to get. Men like to play the masculine role of chasing a woman, impressing her, and then landing her. But, there is no law that says you can get your booty in front of him and make him want you before you start the chase that ultimately makes him crave you.

7. You Will Be One Of The Rare Women Who Loves Their Bodies

Ask men what one of their number one complaints about women is, and they will probably tell you that they hate how women complain about their bodies. We, as women, know that there is a lot more to it than just hating the way we look. Every day we are confronted with media and people who make us feel like we are not good enough, both physically and mentally.

In fact, in this day and age, we are exposed to thousands of advertisements every single day. These advertisements are meant to play with our emotions and make us feel like we are lacking something (including the perfect body). This causes us to look for validation from the people who actually appreciate our bodies – our men. But, men find it a turn off, just as much as we find it a comfort.

The solution? We can be happy with our bodies. When you take buttock enhancement pills, and get the butt that makes you love your body, you won’t need validation from any man to tell you that you are beautiful. You will feel beautiful and be one of the rare women who don’t need a man to validate that fact. Men will be drawn to that confident attitude.

Ironically, men will also give you more validation because you don’t need it. Not sure why it works that way, but it does!

8. Show Off More Of Your Body

You will feel more comfortable wearing clothes that show off your body. This means shopping will be more fun, and you will be more likely to try out those sexy, hip-hugging clothes that you may have passed by before.

Men are visual creatures. That’s why the first impression is so important. They instantly know whether they are attracted to you or not, and unlike women, your personality is not going to make such a huge difference after their initial decision.

When you come walking down the street in your sexy clothes, men are going to take notice! You will get more attention when you dress sexy because you will stand out and get in more guy’s line of vision.

9. Guys Are Biologically Drawn To Curvy Women

Guys are biologically drawn to women who seem like they could reproduce, and a sexy, curvy body is one of the factors that draws guys in and make them attracted to you at a biological level. A rounder butt adds to your curves and it helps accentuate your other curves. It hits that biological nerve in men and makes them instantly see you as a perfect partner for the long run.

Think of it this way. If you have a big butt, you are sending the signal of fertility to every man you meet. You are storing fat in all the right places, and to a man’s subconscious radar, that deems you a healthy and sexy woman. This is a great reason to try butt enhancing pills.

10. Flirting Becomes Easier

Whether you are smart or not, women who know how to flirt with their body always get the guy. Do you remember the ‘bend and snap’ move that was made famous by the movie Legally Blonde? If not, it was essentially a move where you dropped a pencil, bent down to pick up, and then snapped back up to a standing position. In the move, Reese Witherspoon says it has an 83% return on a dinner invitation. And guess what body part it really shows off? That’s right, the butt and the boobs!legally-blonde-9

The point is that when you are comfortable with your body, you naturally use it to flirt in a feminine way. Even if you don’t think you know how to flirt in a feminine way, you do. When a man you like comes up to you, you will naturally stick your butt out, your chest out, and do feminine things like flick your hair, touch your lips, and tilt your head. With the perfect butt, you will not only feel better as you flirt, but you will really grab a guy’s attention!

11. You Will Boost A Man’s All-Important Ego

Lastly, guys like to have a woman hanging off their arm who other men want. A woman with a nice, round ass will make any of a guy’s friends, coworkers, or family members jealous. It is the ultimate ego boost to be with a sexy, curvaceous woman, and it makes them look better in the eyes of everyone.Narcissism

Think of Sofia Vergara hanging off of Ed O’Neill’s arm in Modern Family. He instantly looks sexier because he is with her, and all the straight men in the show are jealous. (As well as all the straight guys who watch the show!)

Want a more real example? How about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? He instantly looks better beside her, and you better believe he knows that he has a woman who is wanted by a ton of other men.

Thinking Of Trying Out Butt Enhancement Pills To Attract Men?

Do you want a bigger butt? I’m willing to bet that you do. If you are ready to try enhancement-pills to get that sexy curve on your behind and start attracting even more men to you, then make sure you look for supplements that contain ingredients proven to work. Moreover, look for natural ingredients that will be more bio-available to your body.

It has been proven that synthetic ingredients in supplements are not as easily absorbed into the body, which means that they are not as effective as natural ingredients. Therefore, for a better chance of getting big results, look for natural ingredients that have a history of working for other women.

Also, remember that you may not get the results as quickly or as big as you hope for. Some women find that they do not benefit from the ingredients as quickly as other women. And, to be honest, some women find that they experience no results whatsoever from butt enhancement pills. To be fair though, many of these women do not take the pills for the recommended amount of time and give up when they do not see quick and noticeable results. It is highly possible that some more time may help the ingredients interact with the body in the way they are supposed to, and give you the results you are looking for.

If it takes a while to see results, that can damper your ability to attract men if you are putting all your eggs into the ‘bigger butt’ basket. Therefore, don’t tie your worthiness to a bigger rear end. Yes, a bigger bottom will give you more confidence and help men see you as the great woman you are, but you can still get men with the body you have if your confidence level is high. If you see the greatness inside of yourself, men will too.

The problem is that if you see no results, you could affect your ability to get a man in a negative way. Putting all of your hope in a bigger rear will make you feel less confident if it doesn’t happen quickly. Therefore, use other methods of building your confidence up, such as positive affirmations, hypnosis (yes, this works!), and taking as many compliments as you can handle from your friends or anyone else who gives them.