7 Of The Best Butt Exercises For Women

Why Butt Exercises Are Essential To A Strong And Sexy Butt

Most people want to do butt exercises to help shape up their booty, but there are other reasons to do these exercises. For instance, two of your butt muscles help to hold up your pelvis when you walk, and your butt muscles are responsible for your hip’s movement. In other words, it is important for everyone to strengthen their butt muscles. This article will be all about your buttocks and the top exercises that can really improve the look and strength of them.Butt Exercises

The Problem With A Weak Bottom – Besides Shapelessness

Many of us spend a lot of time sitting down during our day. Our butts are not getting the amount of exercise they need to stay strong and firm, and not only can you lose a lot of shape with a weak rear end, but you can also have other problems as well.

For instance, knee pain can be caused, in part, by a weak butt. When the bum muscles are not up to par, the knees have to compensate. The gluteus medius in the butt helps to control the thigh, and along with other muscles, helps the knee from falling inwards. If the gluteus medius is not strong, ligaments and muscles in the knee can be compressed and injury and pain can result.

Can Butt Exercises Really Help You Get A Stronger booty?

I once knew a woman who firmed her butt simply by walking around all day clenching. This is the honest to god truth, and it was amazing to see the visible results through her pants.

However, even though her butt had a raised and firm appearance through her clothes, she never wore a bikini or short shorts, so we were never able to tell what her booty really looked like under there. Maybe she firmed up all the wrong spots, or maybe her bum didn’t look as attractive as she expected a firm butt to look. We will never know, but it begs the question – can it really benefit you to do exercises meant to sculpt your butt or should you just walk around clenching all day?

The truth is that there are 3 different butt muscles that you need to work and tone for an overall tight and firm appearance.

1. The Gluteus Minimus: This is the smallest of the glute muscles, and it sits below the gluteus medius. This muscle doesn’t affect the appearance of the butt at all, but still needs to be strong for a healthy body.

2. Gluteus Medius: This muscle sits on the outside of your pelvis. This is the muscle that helps give the round appearance in your buttocks.

3. Gluteus Maximus: This is the muscle that makes up the rest of your bottom and it contributes to the overall shape of your butt.

You need to work out all of these muscles in order to get a toned and even booty. The gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the butt, and that is where you need to put a lot of focus on.

Cardio Or Weights?

Some people think they need to decrease the size of their backside because it is too big. If you are trying to tone down your butt in size, then cardio is the best exercise you can do to drop fat off your rear end. You cannot target just your butt area to lose fat. You must burn off calories and then your body will naturally start to reduce the fat on your body overall, which will include your buttocks.

To do this, choose high intensity workouts that burn off the most amount of calories in the smallest amount of time. You should also incorporate butt targeted exercises in your cardio by doing stair-climbing, hiking, or step aerobics. This will help you to keep a strong and toned bottom as you lose fat so that you don’t end up with a flabby and weak bum.

Other people want to make their booty bigger. If you are trying to increase the size of your butt, you have to gain muscle there, which means you have to use heavy weights to strength train. If you want to gain fat there, then you have to eat more calories than you burn to help plump up your butt fat cells. First, before you try to gain fat, try to do the exercises talked about in this article to see if you can naturally give yourself a larger, rounder and firmer butt.

How Fast Can You See Results?

This is not a one-size-fits all answer. Depending on genetics and other factors, you may not see a firm butt for a while. Moreover, men put on muscle faster than women, so women can expect to see results take longer than their male friends. This is because women do not have enough testosterone as men to build muscle quickly.

On average, women can expect about a pound of muscle per month when lifting weights and following a healthy nutrition plan. This doesn’t seem fair, considering women have a much easier time gaining fat than men, but it is the way it is and commitment is necessary in order to stick with it.

Remember, going a little heavier with the weights will help to build your butt up faster. So, if you are interested in seeing quicker results, make sure you use weights that challenge you with the following exercises.

7 Of The Best Booty Exercises For Women

Do you want to create a routine with the best booty exercises? The following 7 exercises are a must-have in any butt strengthening and shaping routine. A couple of them you probably know, and a couple of them may contain a twist you have never tried before.

1. The SquatThe Squat

One of the best exercises is the squat. Most of us have incorporated the squat into our workout routine at one point or another.

To do a squat without weights, you simply stand with your feet wider than your hips, look straight ahead, sit back with your knees behind your toes and the majority of your weight on the balls of your feet, keep your entire body tight, and then push your butt back up to stand up. You can go further down to intensify the squat, or sit higher up to make the squat easier.

The squat is an excellent way to train the gluteus maximus muscle, and when you add some weights, or a barbell to it, you increase the benefit of the squat. However, using a barbell is an advanced method, and you may want a trainer to guide you through the process a few times so that you do it correctly and don’t hurt your back.

Not all squats are the same. By varying the width of your stance, you can change the muscles being worked. In order to work the butt, you want to move your feet further apart, whereas to work the thighs, you will want to move your feet closer together.

2. Door Hinge

The best butt exercise for women to target all three of the butt muscles is the door hinge. This exercise is done with a chair and a rolled up towel.DOOR HINGE - GLUTES Standing

Stand in front of the chair and bend at the hips while resting your right forearm on the back of the chair. Then, put the rolled up towel behind your left knee and squeeze it in place while keeping your foot flexed. Place your hand on your hip, tuck in your pelvis, lift your left knee out to the side, bring it forward towards the chest, and then push it out behind you all while holding the towel in behind your knee. When your knee is behind you, pulse backwards 20 times, and then remove towel and return leg to standing position. Repeat on the other side.


3. Up And Outs

Even though it looks easy, you will see this move being done by most women who already have a great butt. It really helps to target the gluteus medius and give your butt that round shape. So, this is definitely the best exercise for women who want to create more definition in their butt without adding fat to it.

To do it, kneel on the floor on a yoga or workout mat. You may want to put an extra cushion under your knees if you tend to experience pain in your knee when exercising on the floor mat. Then, lift your right leg up and out to the side as high as you can while squeezing your butt. Lower back down. Do 20 reps and then repeat on the other side.

Make sure to squeeze your butt every time you lift and lower your leg, and also keep your core tight and your back straight so that your butt is doing all the work to bring your leg up and down. If you want to add extra weight, you can wear some ankle weights to make the move harder.

4. Curtsy Lunges

Start with your left foot in front of you where your right foot would normally go and your right foot behind you where your left foot would go. While, it is hard to explain and picture just from words, it should look like you are going to curtsy. Then, bend your knees and lower your body until you thigh in the front left leg is parallel to the floor and both of your knees are bent at about 90 degrees. Then, pull yourself back up. Do 20 reps and then switch legs.

You can do this exercise without weights, using your own body weight, or you can use a pair of dumbbells and let your arms stay straight at your side. Most of your weight should be on your front leg as you use your back leg for balance, and your back should be straight, chest out, and core tight.

5. Bridge With Leg Pulse

The bridge seems like a simple exercise, but it offers a lot of benefit to your back, hips, lower back, and most importantly, your butt. Almost all trainers will incorporate this move in a routine of butt exercises, so make sure you get it into yours as well.

We are going to add a leg element to it to make it one of the best butt exercises that you can’t live without. Doing a bridge with a leg pulse will focus on one side of the body at a time and help make each side stronger as you isolate it.

Lie on your back and put your arms to your side. Bend your knees to a 90 degree angle and lift one leg in the air. Then, push up off the ground with and lift your hips as high as you can as you squeeze your glutes. Keep your raised foot flexed, and pulse up and down with your body. Do this as long as you can, rest, and repeat on other side.

Make sure that you breathe as you do this exercise. Even though you will be tempted to hold your breath as you lift, if you don’t breathe you may not make it through the exercise.

6. Stability Ball Leg Curls

This is one of the exercises that I have seen in a lot of workout videos for the backside. It seems so simple, but once you start to do it, you really feel the effects of the exercise in your lower butt.

Lie down and put your heels on the top of your stability ball. Lift your hips off the floor and form a bridge with your body. Then, using your butt and hamstrings, pull the ball towards you until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Your heels will still be on the ball. Hold for a few seconds and then push back out and return to start position. Repeat for as many times as possible.

If you find that the above move is too easy, you can raise one leg in the air and workout the other leg’s butt side of the rear during the move.

7. Step-Ups

Lastly, this is also one of the best butt exercises for women. It helps to lift up your butt and tighten it, and it works other areas of your legs, such as your hamstrings, to keep a sexy appearance all the way down. Plus, you can do step-ups anywhere. You can use a park bench, your stairs, or a step up bench to do this exercise.step up exercise

Stand in front of the step and place one foot firmly on it. Make sure your whole foot is on the step. Push up and step your other foot onto the step, then remove that foot and put it back in the start position. If you would like, you can push up and raise your other leg to the same height as your firmly planted foot and then just drop back down without actually completing the full step. It will have the same effect.

Make sure you keep your core tight and your chest up as you do this exercise. Moreover, don’t lean forward or backwards but, instead, keep your weight balanced evenly.

This butt exercise routine will keep your butt strong and help firm it up in all the right places. Stick with it and you will see results.