3 Butt Workouts-Perfect For Achieving a Bum To Be Proud Of

Effective Butt Workouts – No If’s, Just A Shapely Butt!

There is little doubt that many of us have a booty that is not the shape or firmness desired. There is also little doubt that the correct butt workouts will do your figure the power of good, but exercise alone will not get you to where you want.
We will look at how you can achieve that butt which will have heads turning and make you proud of your physique.

Butt WorkoutsWhere should you start?

To get that booty shape you are searching for in the most efficient way you need to look at three things. These are your diet, exercise regimen and the use of an all-natural supplement.

We will take these in order as it is important you understand how each one complements the others.

The diet which will work to help your body and butt

The first thing you must do is to cut out those fatty and fried foods. If do need to fry your food then go for extra virgin olive oil. This is excellent in terms of health benefits, and will allow you to fry food without putting on weight in unwanted areas. You can also use it to drizzle over your salads.

Lean protein and a balanced diet

Along with those all important butt workout session’s, lean protein is a must. Go for foods such as chicken, turkey, fish and tofu. You also need ‘good’ carbohydrates. These are things such as oatmeal and whole grains as they will help in terms of increasing your body mass.

Healthy, varied and nutritious

Keep these three words in mind when it comes to you diet and you are on the right track to a far healthier body and a far better lifestyle.

Please do not believe you simply need to load up with extra protein and those muscles will develop. When you are looking for a toned booty you do not want massive muscle, you want firm, structured muscle.

Along with the foods mentioned above you should regularly be eating vegetable and fresh fruits.

Bread and rice

While these are good for you it is the whole grain variety you should be eating and not white rice and white bread

Cut out unnecessary sugar and ‘empty’ carbohydrates

Once again foods which contain too much sugar or those containing too many ‘empty’ carbohydrates are a ‘no-no’. These offer far too little nutrition and are not what you need.

They will quickly store as fat if you do not immediately burn them off through exercise. If you are trying to tone your legs and butt then you most certainly do not want them covered in a layer of fat.

Read those food labels

While the overriding message of many healthy ‘foods’ is a positive one you should take time to read the labels on the packaging. When you do it will surprise you how many ‘healthy’ salad dressings, fruit juices and cooking sauces actually include lots of unwanted sugar.

The next thing you need to take into consideration is;


Cellulite takes no prisoners! It can affect women or men and can occur at any stage during your life, although you are more prone to it the older you get.

Let’s see what it is and why it is so important to keep it at bay for as long as possible.

What is cellulite?

It is caused by small, overfilled fat pockets which lie underneath your skin’s surface. These cellulite bumps cause the surface of your body to become dimpled.

The reason for this is because these fat pockets enlarge and cause the cells to occupy more space between the connective tissues of your skin. This causes fat to expand in these spaces and the result is your skin takes on a dimpled appearance.

If you maintain a healthy and well balanced diet with some correct exercise you will reap the rewards of those buttocks workout sessions.

3 things to keep celluloid at bay

Here are three things you can do to keep celluloid at bay.

Stay active

It is vital that you remain active during the day. If you follow a lifestyle which involves lots of sitting around then get up and move about regularly. If that means a walk around your garden, a walk around the block, or if you are desk-bound during your working day then make sure you do something at lunchtime.

Avoid sugar and alcohol

It is worth repeating again; if sugar is not immediately burned off through regular exercise then you will store it in your body as fat.


Effective exercise is at the core of achieving a beautiful pair of buttocks. Those exercises you carry out in terms of butt workouts will make all the difference when it comes to a shapelier behind and a much more curvaceous figure.

Resistance training

Bear this in mind every time you carry out resistance training;

For every pound of muscle you gain your body burns 50 more calories per day. This is true even when you are resting.

This should give you the incentive to really push on and get those butt and thigh muscles working to the max.

Different types of exercises that are perfect for achieving a bum to be proud of

Hip lifts are an ideal type of exercise. They help to strengthen those butt muscles no end. You will also find they are quick and easy to perform.

Squats with dumbbells are another great way to strengthen your glutes. If you are seriously into working out and keeping in shape, but do not necessarily want to join a gym then consider purchasing a pair of adjustable dumbbells.

What are adjustable dumbbells?

These really are a fantastic addition to your workout routine. Very simply they are all-in-one dumbbells which are fully weight adjustable. A simple turn of an incremental dial will select and give you the weight you want to lift.

You can take these to the park with you, to work, or even on a weekend away. No more purchasing additional weight plates, and no more static and cluttered work-out space at home, but when you use them at home they are perfect for a quick start and quick exercise routine.

The Plie exercise is most certainly not just for ballerinas! It is an excellent exercise for toning that booty. Once again it is quick and easy to do.

Pilates and yoga exercises

By carrying out such exercises you really are toning your body and they will create long and lean muscles without providing you with too much bulk.

You would really benefit from hitting a Pilates studio or yoga class. Do this 3 times a week to complement your home workout sessions and you will see the benefits of those butt work outs in double quick time.

Aerobic exercises

Once again, the value of such exercises cannot be underestimated. They give you benefits in terms of building muscle and improving your cardiovascular health. Find a set of stairs you can go up and down. When you run or walk uphill you need gravity as resistance to tone your legs, core and bum.

You can do such exercises on a purpose built machine such as a stepmaster, but those good old stairs are as effective as anything.

Toning your butt muscles

There really are so many exercises you can carry out to tone those butt muscles that are quick, efficient and easy to perform.

When lying down to carry out such exercises always make sure you do so with a training mat, but apart from that, and perhaps some dumbbells you do not need a lot of equipment to get a booty to be proud of.

Tips to encourage you

Try and find a training partner to work-out with. If you have someone else to gauge yourself by and to train with you will find things get much easier as time goes on, and before you know it you will both be flying along.

Don’t forget to take pictures of what your butt was like before you started these specific exercises, and regularly revisit them and others taken as you progress. You will then see for yourself the advances you are making, but workouts and dieting will not give you the full effective package. You also need;

Supplements to help you along

There is little doubt that good quality all-natural supplements will help you in terms of producing a butt to be admired.

In terms of booty workouts they enhance them because the powerful, natural ingredients work to increase the volume of your body curves and buttocks. An added bonus is that they will also tighten and smooth your skin.

These ingredients work to stimulate growth of your adipose tissue which is vital in terms of achieving a more defined butt, and the fact they also offer moisturizing and tightening benefits means you really are in a win-win situation.

No ifs and no buts’ – just a clearly defined and shapely BUTT!

A well defined, toned booty is something you can all achieve. Take steps to improve that diet, get plenty of rest, and carry out regular butt workouts.

Add to this the regular use of an all-natural butt-enhancing supplement. It will be safe to use, effective and will put you on the road to defining a butt to be proud of.