Tips,Exercises and Solutions For a Bigger Buttocks And Body Shape

Exercises For a Bigger Buttocks And Body Shape

We are going to have a long look at exercises for a bigger buttocks and body shape, but please don’t think all you will get from this article is a list of step by step instructions on individual exercises.

Oh no! – We will take an interesting journey into the world of women’s buttocks and anything else related to the size of your bum.Exercises For a Bigger Buttocks

We will also find the best way to get your bum exactly where you want it in terms of shape and toning, and finish up with some words on buttock enhancement pills. The ones we will discuss will reduce the amount of time it takes to get your booty from bland to beautiful.

So please; get off yours now, put the kettle on, or better still pour a nice glass of wine, and then settle down for 10 minutes to get to know your bum a little better.

If there is a man about the house, and he tries to interrupt, just tell him you are on a voyage of discovery. This voyage includes exercises to make buttocks bigger, and leave you as the proud owner of a stunning butt that he will find hard to keep his eyes (or hands) off.

For once he will leave you in peace for a while! That is because he will be figuring out the best way to suggest an early night to help him understand exactly what he can do to help!

Men, Women and Booty

These three things have gone together since time immemorial. A man’s interest and high regard for a shapely Booty comes way up there in terms of what turns them on.

Such is their fascination with the female body and, ‘for research purposes only!’ their constant observation of women’s butts, it is a subject that is certain to come up when they are on a boy’s night out.

On the other hand the vast majority of women are far too harsh in terms of body self-judgment. This is fully understandable; we all want a shapely bum to go with those perfectly proportioned breasts, inviting smile, and sparkling eyes. (If only nature was so kind to us all!).

As for your Booty, it is certainly an interesting part of your anatomy.

You and Your Booty

Considering the amount of time we spend sitting and lying on our butt we tend to take its body value for granted. It consists of 3 muscles; one of which is the largest muscle in your body.

This is the Gluteus maximus, and when you are looking to firm and tone your bum by carrying out bigger buttocks exercises it is this muscle you need to work on.

The other two muscles are known as the Gluteus medius and Gluteus minimus, but please do not dismiss them. They are situated under the main muscle, and are the reason you can walk. Each step you take is down to their ability to hold your pelvis upright.

The other major ‘mobility’ responsibility they have is related to your hips. Whatever movement is started from your hips is made possible because of your butt muscles.

So, if you have things to do before that ‘early night’, tell your partner that Maximus, Medius and Minimus are taking a break, but they will be back on duty in a couple of hours!

Exercises for a bigger buttocks and shapelier body look

Before we look at what type of exercises are best for enlarging, firming and toning your bum, let’s consider something that you really cannot fight against, and once you understand what you have been given, you can then make the most of it.

Body shape

Next time you are out and about take a look at the many different body shapes of the women you pass. The variety is amazing, but I guess that is also part of the feminine attraction. Some of the more common shapes are;


You have a good chance of being this shape. It is estimated that over 45% of American women are straight shaped. It means your hips and bust are the same size. Your legs will be shapely, but your bottom flat. When you put weight on it is generally evenly distributed.


If you are pear-shaped your hips will be bigger than your bust, and there is a good chance you will have a small waist.


Your waist will be defined and your hips will be larger than your bust.

Hourglass (yes, please, unless you are offering me a ‘Top Hourglass’ figure)

This figure means you are balanced in terms of size from your hips to your bust with a defined waist. A Top Hourglass figure gives you a defined waist with a bust larger than your hips.

There are several other body shapes, but the above are the ones most commonly seen, if yours is not there you will find plenty of information on the internet giving further details, and just as importantly tips on such things as exercises for bigger buttocks, the types of clothing and different hair styles which enhance whatever figure you have.

Enough on Body Types, lets get back to bums!

A fuller and firmer bum is what you need, and to achieve this quickly, safely, and effectively you need help. That help comes in the form of the number one selling butt enhancement pills.

Why are these pills so effective in terms of benefiting your booty?

All-natural ingredients mean they are safe to use. They offer a unique approach in terms of the way they help your body store fat cells on your buttocks and hips while also working on increased muscle strength and size.

As if that was not enough these busy booty pills also help to shed any unwanted weight which is stubbornly refusing to leave a variety of unwanted body areas.

Hard working and intelligent!

Regular use of this supplement along with effective exercise to make buttocks bigger means the effect on your body shape gives you the above benefits and more.

They also work intelligently by increasing, and then regulating certain hormones. The hormones in question are the ones responsible for transmitting messages to your brain telling it to store fat cells on your buttocks and hips.

The brain trusts these messages and does exactly as it is told, and exactly what you want.

It begins to store fat cells on your buttocks and hips, it will help in terms of improving your feminine curves and encourage the 3 butt muscles to get a wriggle on when it comes to growing at a faster rate than any exercise on its own could offer you.

Bottom Line!

Do not let anyone tell you that exercise is not worth the effort. Effective exercising is vital when it comes to helping you slim down, increasing your energy levels, and putting you in a positive frame of mind.

There is a short-cut though! Combine exercises for a bigger buttocks and better body shape with the regular use of the top-selling butt enhancement pills. This will do you and your butt the power of good in a far shorter timescale.