How To Detox Your Body And Why You Should

Need to Detox Your Body

We will look at how to detox your body, why you should, and what symptoms could be telling you that it is time for a body cleanse.

Many degenerative illnesses are linked to the toxins which store in your body. By completing a regular detoxification program you are clearing your body of such unwanted toxins and waste, and greatly improving the function of your immune system.
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Let’s look at your colon first to emphasis just how important it is, and why you need to cleanse it on a regular basis;

The colon and why should you detox your body regularly?How To Detox Your Body

Your colon is exposed to the total combine waste from the body’s other systems, and the toxins it absorbs could well leave you open to diseases and disorders. This is one major reason why so many people are using body detoxification as a natural health safeguard.

A huge 70% of your immune system is in your gut and every foot of colon can store up to 10lbs of waste and feces. To help you realise just how important the colon function is please consider this fact; your bloodstream is only as clean as your colon, and this means a [popup_product]heavy metals detox program[/popup_product] should be constantly on your health check-list.

Colon cancer

Colon cancer shows no prejudice! It affects men and women of any skin colour. To give you an idea of just how common this disease is, just consider that in the United States it is the second biggest cancer killer.

Ingestion to digestion

Every neurotransmitter found in your brain is also present in your digestive system. Medical research has shown that a perfectly healthy and functioning body system should ingest foods, use them and then eliminate in 18 hours, but due to the condition of the average person’s bowel most people only have bowel movements every 36 hours. A heavy metal detoxification process is one way to go about this.

Why are we all taking on board so many toxins?

This has to be put down to the environment we are living in. It is a fact that toxins and carcinogens are increasing and leaving everyone vulnerable.

While many people believe that cancer is genetically inherited this is not the case. Yes, a relatively small percentage of cancers are inherited, but it is estimated that well over 80 pct of such cases of all cancers are down to environmental factors.

Possible symptoms that tell you its time for a body detox

There are lots of signs which could be telling you that your body needs a cleanse such as the heavy metal detox mentioned above. Here are just 4 of the many common symptoms:


If you are feeling lethargic on a constant basis and it is more of a struggle to do ‘normal’ activities this could be down to the fact your body is not functioning at its best.

Lack of energy

This symptom is directly linked to lethargy. Your energy levels are low and low energy levels mean it is more of a struggle to get out and about. You will often feel ‘drained’ even though you have done nothing too energetic.

Before we look at how to detox your body in the most effective way let’s give you two more potential symptoms;

Constipation and other bowel problems

If you are regularly suffering from constipation, or suffer from stomach upsets on a regular basis, or have a history of stomach inflammation these are other signs that your colon and body need a good cleanse.

Bowel movement problems

We touched on this earlier. Many men and women are suffering with bowel movement problems. It is not a problem you want to advertise, so far too many people suffer in silence. Let’s be honest, it is the last thing you would want to discuss over the dinner table.

Different detox methods

These symptoms and lots of others can be resolved with different types of detox methods and formulas. This includes a heavy metal cleanse formula which we will mention later, but first lets look at how you should go about a body detox.

Detox preparations and lifestyle changes

If you are to get the most out of life your body needs to be in good shape. This means you need to look at your diet and exercise regimen. The changes you make should be sensible ones.


You do not need to be extreme about dietary changes, but you must look for balance. That balance will give you a healthy, nutritious diet which provides sufficient vitamins and minerals. There are lots of healthy foods which taste absolutely delicious, and they are good for you!


In terms of exercising, again it is all about balance and supplementing with the best detox formulas available. You do not need to go crazy and hit the gym on a constant basis, and you should not try running around the block until you drop.

What you should do is start some gentle exercises in the comfort of your own home and build up gradually. Aerobic exercises are excellent for starters. Initially these only need to be carried out 3 times each week for 30 minutes at a time.

Supplements to cleanse your body effectively

You need help to cleanse your body and that will come in the form of a detox formula which you take regularly but for a reasonably short period of time.

Take a look at the Zeotrex range of detox formulas. This is an excellent example of what effective detox products should offer.

Detox supplements should contain all-natural ingredients to prevent any potential side effects. They should offer a total body cleanse from a variety of different angles, and they should leave you feeling far more positive about life. This range offers all of the above benefits and more.

We are back to the environment again!

We touched on the environment at the beginning of this article. Our body is prone to larger and larger amounts of pollution from the increasing amount of contaminants in the environment as well as from the foods we eat.

To detox heavy metals and other pollutants from your system there is a highly powerful cleanser in this range, but you will also find a variety of different cleansers to meet your specific needs;
Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleansing with Zeotrex


Cleanse your body and reinvigorate your soul

The question in your mind should not be how to detox your body; it should be when you should start. Hopefully this article will get you out of the starting blocks!