Organic Face Products – 4 Natural Ingredients That Work

Organic Face Products – Kind To Your Face And Gentle On Your Skin

Organic face products are a growing part of the multi-billion dollar skin care sector. It therefore follows that you have more potions, pills, creams and formulas to choose from than you could ever individually assess.

What this article will set out to do is explain why you should use organic face cream and some of the ingredients you should be looking for.

Why use natural ingredients?Organic Face Products

The first reason has got to be from a safety point of view. If you use products which contain prescribed medication, fillers or additives there is a possibility you will see an initial improvement in your skin, but the damage such ingredients could cause in the medium to long term are not worth the risk.

Your face is very precious and the last thing you want is to cause permanent problems because of such harmful ingredients. The best organic face products will contain ingredients which are effective in their own right and will not cause you any unwanted side effects.
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Keep that face younger looking

Good quality natural formulas also have ingredients whose properties will work in terms of anti-aging. Those fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet will diminish and be kept at bay for a lot longer. The best face cream for women needs to boost those collagen and elastin levels and enhance the hydration of your skin.


This is a basic building block and is essential for your skin, tendons, bones, cartilage and other connective tissues.

If collagen was not present in your body then life as you know it would not exist. Everyone would be similar to a jellyfish!

It is absolutely essential when it comes to our mobility. Good levels of collagen keep cartilage smooth, connective tissues strong and flexible and your joints limber.

Without healthy collagen the slightest movement would be a nightmare of pain and eventually your body would just seize up, or simply start wearing away and falling apart.

Collagen and your skin

In terms of effective face creams most people understand this is where you get major collagen benefits. A good quality cream will do wonders for wrinkle reduction, the improvement of your complexion and the condition of your skin.

It does this because of the way it stimulates collagen production in the body. This stimulation is vital in terms of keeping your skin healthy and supple.


This is also a protein which is present in the skin and tissue of your body. It helps in terms of keeping your skin flexible but tight, and provides a ‘bounce-back’ reaction if the skin is pulled.

If you have enough elastin in your skin it will return to its normal shape after a pull, and any face cream which can stimulate this protein will offer benefits.

It also helps keep skin smooth as it stretches to allow normal activities such as flexing a muscle or opening and closing the mouth.

What is the difference between collagen and elastin?

They are both proteins that form fibers which help make up connective tissue in the body, and ingredients which stimulate them are widely used in organic face products.

Collagen is widespread in the body and gives your connective tissue strength and flexibility whereas elastin returns to its original shape once it has been stretched. Collagen occurs more widely in the body, but both are needed for many of your tissues to function correctly.

Natural face cream ingredients

There are a lot of effective natural ingredients when it comes to protecting your face and keeping that skin firm and supple.

We will look at some of these to help you choose the correct formula for your skin.


This is considered by many skin experts to be one of the best natural ingredients you can use due to the benefits the oil offers. It is high in sterolins which are known to reduce signs of aging; it protects your skin from sun damage and delivers effective moisturising effects.

Cocoa Butter

Many of the best face creams contain this ingredient due to its moisturising properties. It will keep your skin soft and supple even as father time catches up with you. It has an excellent ability to help you replenish skin cells.

Organic Aloe Vera

Probably the most commonly used ingredient contained in skin care products. It works wonderfully well in terms of replenishing skin cells and retaining that elasticity your skin needs to retain those youthful looks.

It contains a variety of minerals such as magnesium, sodium and calcium as well as 20 amino acids which are vital in terms of your immune system. When combined they help cure skin allergies and also work to maintain a young looking complexion. It is one of the best face cream ingredients you will find.

Grapefruit extract

This extract contains powerful natural antioxidants which will give you lots of skin benefits. These benefits include moisturising and anti-aging properties as well as helping when it comes to reducing skin melanin related issues.
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The above are just a small selection of many natural ingredients you will read about in various face cream reviews.

The combination of these ingredients is important in terms of what type of skin you have and how effective they will be. Get the combination right and one thing is for sure; all-natural formulas that have been produced using the best quality ingredients will do you and your skin the power of good.

Let’s face it!

Your face is your mirror to the world. When it is in tip-top condition and you are looking your best it will boost your appearance and your confidence.

You will feel and look much better and this has the positive knock-on effect of leaving you in a far better frame of mind.

There is little doubt that organic face products are effective. Just choose the one that is right for you, use it on a regular basis and maintain a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen. By doing these things you will start, and then continue to reap the rewards.